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Button Mushroom Spawn (Agaricus bisporus)

Button Mushroom Spawn (Agaricus bisporus)

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Button Mushroom Spawn (Agaricus bisporus) 

Overview: Presenting our premium Button Mushroom Spawn, an exceptional variety of Agaricus bisporus. This package is expertly crafted for both commercial and personal mushroom cultivation, offering a seamless and productive growing experience.

Key Features:

1. Premium Agaricus bisporus Variety: Our Button Mushroom Spawn is derived from a high-quality strain of Agaricus bisporus, known for its delicious taste and versatile culinary use.

2. High Yield Potential: Cultivated to produce a generous harvest, this spawn is ideal for growers looking to maximize their output, whether for commercial sale or personal consumption.

3. Nutrient-Rich and Flavorful: Button Mushrooms are celebrated for their rich nutritional profile and distinctive umami flavor, making them a favorite in kitchens worldwide.

4. Suitable for Various Growing Conditions: This spawn is adaptable to a wide range of environments, making it a versatile choice for different cultivation methods and settings.

5. Easy to Grow: Designed for ease of use, our Button Mushroom Spawn is perfect for both novice and experienced growers, ensuring a rewarding cultivation experience.

6. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: We prioritize environmental responsibility in our spawn production, ensuring that our practices are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Applications: Ideal for commercial mushroom farming, home gardening, educational projects, and culinary experimentation.

Packaging: Securely packaged in a format, our spawn is guaranteed to maintain its quality and viability upon delivery.

Instructions: Detailed growing instructions are included, providing guidance for a successful cultivation process and a bountiful mushroom harvest.

Experience the joy of growing your own Button Mushrooms with our top-grade spawn, and enjoy the benefits of fresh, delicious, and nutritious mushrooms right at your fingertips.

  • COMPOST NEEDS TO BE PREPARED , THE PACKAGE CONTAINS ONLY SPAWNS. It is a temperate variety cultivated on compost in a dark room at temperature 15-18oC and humidity around 95%. For this, the compost made of wheat/paddy straw along with other nutrients is filled in the wooden trays and planted with mushroom seed, called ‘spawn’. It takes 30-35 days for mushroom to pop up. These fungal fruit bodies appear in flushes, which are harvested when buttons are tightly closed. An average yield of 10 kg mushroom/m2 of tray area is obtained in a cropping cycle of 8-10 weeks.
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