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Lemon Button Fern (Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii) - Aromatic Indoor Fern Plant

Lemon Button Fern (Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii) - Aromatic Indoor Fern Plant

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Product Description:

Discover the charming Lemon Button Fern, a delightful variant of Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii, known for its compact size and citrus-scented foliage. This small fern is ideal for adding a touch of greenery to indoor spaces.

Key Features:

  • Species: Lemon Button Fern, a type of Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii.
  • Appearance: Characterized by small, round, button-like leaves.
  • Aroma: Distinctive lemon scent, especially when touched or brushed.
  • Care Level: Easy to moderate, perfect for indoor plant enthusiasts.

User Instructions:

  • Prefers bright, indirect sunlight.
  • Keep the soil consistently moist.
  • Thrives in high humidity environments.
  • Perfect for terrariums or as a tabletop plant.

Product Usage:

  • Enhances indoor spaces with its aromatic and visual appeal.
  • Ideal for small spaces like office desks or window sills.
  • A natural air purifier, improving indoor air quality.

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