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Oyster mushroom Spawn (Lentinus sajor-caju) Grey Oyster

Oyster mushroom Spawn (Lentinus sajor-caju) Grey Oyster

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Premium Sajor Caju Oyster Mushroom Spawn 

Delve into the world of mushroom cultivation with our exceptional pack of Sajor Caju Oyster Mushroom Spawn, also renowned as Grey Oyster Mushroom. This first-generation spawn, known for its delectable taste and high yield, is ideal for both novice and expert growers.

Key Features:

1. Matured Spawns: Our spawn is fully matured and ready for use, offering a straightforward and efficient start to your mushroom growing journey.

2. Unique Color Variations: The mushrooms can develop into dark grey, brown, or black hues, influenced by the intensity of light exposure, adding a striking visual element to your cultivation.

3. Delicate Flavor and Texture: Sajor Caju is celebrated for its delicate taste and soft texture, making it a popular choice among culinary enthusiasts.

4. First Generation Quality: Ensures vigorous growth and superior yield, perfect for both personal and commercial cultivation.

5. Assured High Yield: We promise an extraordinarily high yield, maximizing the productivity of your cultivation efforts.

6. 100% Verified Organic and Mold-Free: Our spawns are organically certified and free from harmful molds, ensuring a healthy and safe growing environment.

7. Comprehensive Training and Instruction: Access to our BM Mushroom YouTube channel is provided, offering detailed tutorials and expert tips for successful mushroom cultivation.

Usage Instructions:
- Preparation: Follow our expert advice for preparing substrates and creating the ideal growing conditions.
- Inoculation: Introduce the spawn to the substrate in a clean environment to prevent contamination.
- Maintenance: Keep an eye on the essential factors like humidity, temperature, and light for optimal growth.
- Harvesting: Enjoy harvesting your Sajor Caju mushrooms, usually ready within a few weeks of inoculation.

Ideal For:
- Those new to mushroom cultivation, looking for an easy-to-grow variety.
- Professional cultivators in search of a high-yielding, flavorful mushroom.
- Educational purposes, providing a practical learning experience for students and enthusiasts.

Packaging: The spawn is securely packaged in moisture-resistant material to ensure it remains fresh and viable upon delivery.

Order Now: Start your mushroom cultivation adventure with our Sajor Caju Oyster Mushroom Spawn and savor the unique flavors and high yield of your own grown mushrooms!

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